Well Vision Exams

At CFV, our goal is to help you see life better

Starting around the age of three, doctors recommend an annual well-vision exam for everyone. A well-vision examination can find your glasses or contact lens prescription, but more importantly it provides a crucial look into the health of your eyes and overall systemic health.

The “Big Picture” is important to us at CFV – and systemic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension that can manifest within the eyes, are regularly screened for during retinal examination.

A typical well-vision exam visit should last about an hour and consists of the following:

Visual acuity, eye reflexes, eye muscles and alignment, and peripheral visual fields are all routinely screened for.

Examination of the eye begins at the front of the eye utilizing a slit-lamp before observing the back of the eye using wide-field retinal imaging or dilation drops while examining your for ocular disease (i.e. glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration).

This also may detect systemic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension that have begun to affect the eye.

After measuring how well you can see, the doctor will determine whether you would benefit from using glasses or if there is a need for an adjustment in your current glasses.

Candidacy for contact lenses or laser procedures such as LASIK or PRK can also be determined.

Some patients may require regular monitoring as suggested by other medical providers due to conditions such as diabetes or certain medication use.

Annual well-vision exams are the foundation for monitoring such conditions for stability, with medical office visits supplementing any further need for management.

If interested in and deemed a candidate for contact lens use, the doctor will determine your type of lens, fit, and contact lens prescription, which must be adjusted from your glasses prescription due to being in contact with the eye.

In addition to this, the health of your eyes in relation to contact lens use can be monitored.

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