medical services

Dr. Vizithum, Dr. Chow, and Dr. Aune are all committed to ensuring the health of your eyes. They are available not only for comprehensive eye exams, but also for any kind of ocular medical issues you might have. We commonly treat conjunctivitis, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, ocular allergies, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, cataracts, and complications from trauma to the eyes. We have extensive equipment in the office, including optical coherence tomography (OCT) for high definition scans of nerve and retinal tissue, cameras for both internal and external color imaging, and machines to assess visual fields.

In addition to treating chronic conditions, the doctors of Carrboro Family Vision are always available for eye-related emergencies. Simply call our main telephone number after hours, and one of our doctors will meet you in the office for ocular emergencies (including corneal scratches and ocular trauma).

For more information about some common diseases and complications of the eyes, please visit the links below:

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